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12 Ways To Style Clip-In Hair Extensions

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12 Ways To Style Clip-In Hair Extensions

In the market to buy some clip-in hair extensions but want to be sure you can use them for your go-to hairstyles? We have you covered! Whether you are getting a Classic Set for the ultimate length AND volume, or maybe you need just an UP for your favorite up-do hairstyles... Keep scrolling to see 12 of our favorite hairstyles using clip-in extensions! P.s. extensions make every hairstyle 10x better.


Hair extensions for extra volume? Yes please! We love using our Fill-Ins on days when we just need some extra volume & thickness to our hair, no length! Not only can you use your fill-ins for your down hairstyles, but also braids & up-dos! Thicker, more voluminous hair in seconds. 

Wanna see some tutorials using the Fill-Ins? Check out our Instagram @bfbhair for hairstyle videos that you can follow along to!

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21" Classic Set

Our most popular product is the 21" Classic Set, for both length AND volume. Not only can you use your classic set for your favorite down hairstyles, but also for thicker/longer ponytails or buns. The ultimate product for length and volume, you need the classic set.  

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If you are someone who constantly ends up throwing your hair up into a pony, or maybe you love to try out different up-do hairstyles, you need the UP. It is a must for all ponytails, buns, braids, all the things. Thicker, longer, up-do hairstyles in seconds.

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24" Classic Set

For the ultimate mermaid hair, you need the 24" Classic Set. This is our longest set & perfect for long, thick locks for days!!!

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Shade Shown: Melt My Heart


Someone with hair on the thinner, more fine side, you may want to check out the No-Show. Our go-to product for a full hair transformation with length and volume and your one-and-done solution.

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