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Here's Why Some Hair Extensions Are Pricier Than Others | BFB Hair

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Here's Why Some Hair Extensions Are Pricier Than Others | BFB Hair

After reaching out to our followers asking why they have been or are currently iffy about buying a set of BFB Hair Extensions, we have tallied up the responses! One of the top responses we got back was cost, and we get it! Opting for a $30 set of clip-ins can sound a bit more appealing.. But you guys, buying a cheap set of hair from Amazon will only result in you having to buy another, and another, and another, and that doesn't even cover the most important part, quality. You want a set of extensions that you are able to curl, straighten, blow-dry, just like you do your natural hair! 

You know that saying "you get what you pay for"? Well it's true, and especially when it comes to hair extensions. There was a major trend going around the TikTok world & people were buying inexpensive hair extensions from Amazon & reviewing it. We get the appeal & are always trying to find little ways for you guys to save some extra $$$, but when it comes to your hair and hair extensions, you may not want to choose the cheapest option. Keep reading to learn more about the different types of hair extensions + what you should be looking for when shopping around. 

Shade Shown: Iced Latte

Synthetic VS human hair

If you are buying a cheap set of hair extensions, they are probably made out of Synthetic hair. Synthetic hair is fake hair, meaning you can't curl, straighten, or blow dry at all. The way they arrive is the way they will look! BFB Extensions are made from 100% real human Remy hair, meaning it is all real human hair!! Feel free to heat style away to your desires, just make sure to use a heat protectant & set hot tools to 350 or lower. 

*BFB Tip: You need 100% real human Remy hair!!!*

Shade Selection 

It's key to find extensions that are almost spot on to your current hair color, obviously! The last thing we want is to see the line between your current hair color and the extensions. Here at BFB we have over .... shades, we can almost guarantee we have a perfect shade for you! Order a Color Match Kit & choose 3-5 sample weft shades before ordering your full set of extensions. 

*BFB Tip: Match your sample wefts to the ENDS of your hair to accurately color match*

We're here to help

Here at BFB, we are here to make the color-matching and extension buying process seamless and easy. We know how daunting & confusing it can be which is why we are here to help! 

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