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5 Blending Tips With Clip-In Hair Extensions | BFB Hair

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5 Blending Tips With Clip-In Hair Extensions | BFB Hair

If you have thick hair, a blunt cut, a short bob, or maybe you are having trouble blending your extensions in with your natural hair, listen up!! When it comes to blending clip-in extensions into your natural hair, we have some super easy solutions that you can do at home! Like we always say, seamless & easy is our motto around here. Keep on reading for our top blending tips with clip-in hair extensions!

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Root Spray

Nothing a little root spray can't fix!! For those of us with darker roots and lighter ends, you may need a root spray. If you are noticing the tops of your wefts peeking through and it is lighter than you'd like, you can easily spray on a bit of a darker root! We love using the Loreal Root Spray because it's affordable & get's the job done! Watch our quick & easy root spray tutorial below. ⬇️⬇️

Braid a section underneath 

This one is easier to watch as you do it rather than explain. Basically, if you have pretty thick hair already or a blunt haircut, you may notice that 'step' between your natural hair and the extensions. Rather than taking your extensions into your hair stylist to get blended, try this first! Braid a section of hair underneath and pin up. This helps take out some of that weight and thickness & will ultimately create an easier blend. Watch below!




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Play around with inserting! 

There really is no right or wrong way to do things when it comes to inserting your extensions. Some of us like to insert lower or higher, while others try to insert the least amount of wefts possible. Or maybe you are noticing your wefts peeking through a bit, play around with where you like to insert! You will find what works best for you and your hair goals!

Get a 24" Classic Set

You could always get a 24" Classic Set! While it is longer than the 21" Classic Set, it has more grams of hair. If you have trouble blending in the 21" Classic Set to your natural hair, the 24" may be a better option as it is thicker.

Take your extensions in to a trusted hair stylist! 

If you've tried everything and still just aren't loving the way they look, you may need to take them in to get trimmed up a bit! While this isn't always necessary, some of us may need it. Just like you have a custom cut and style to your natural hair, your extensions may need that as well to blend in perfectly!

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