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Wanting Thicker Hair? You Need This One Product | BFB Hair

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Wanting Thicker Hair? You Need This One Product | BFB Hair

For those of us dealing with unexpected hair loss, hair shedding, or maybe you have always had hair on the thinner, more fine side.. You need a set of Fill-Ins. Two seamless wefts, meant to add volume and thickness to your current hair length. Easy, seamless, and natural looking. Learn more about the Fill-Ins below & say hello to your dream hair!

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14" Fill-Ins

For those of us with hair that hits about your mid-chest or shorter, the 14" Fill-Ins will be your go to! The best part about our extensions is that they are 100% customizable. Hair that is shorter than 14" can still use the Fill-Ins, you just may want to trim off an inch or so! 14" Fill-Ins 50 Gram is a thicker set, while 14" Fill-Ins 35 Gram is thinner. If you are at all worried about concealing your wefts (hair that is super thin or fine), you may want to opt for the 35 gram. Otherwise, the 50 Gram is always our #1 recommendation for thicker, more voluminous locks!

18" Fill-Ins

For those of us that have hair longer than your chest length, take a look at the 18" Fill-Ins. This product is suitable for our babes with long locks already. Maybe you don't need any extra length with extensions, but thickness, this will be the one! Easy inserting, without being uncomfortable or weighing down locks. 

Get color matched + product recommendation help! Learn more about how to get color matched at home, here.

Inserting your fill-ins

💜 Step 1: Start by sectioning off your hair and clipping up. Play around with how much hair you 

*BFB Tip: Grab the BFB Inserting Kit for a seamless inserting process!*

💜 Step 2: It's time to clip in! Grab one of your Fill-Ins and begin clipping in on one side of your head. We normally recommend clipping in your fill-ins at about the top of your ear. Again, play around with where you like to insert! There really is no right or wrong way to insert your Fill-Ins, this is all a recommendation!

💜 Step 3: Now that you have one Fill-In clipped in, it's time for the second one! Mirror the same process on the other side. So now you will have two extensions clipped in on both sides of your hair.

💜 Step 4: It's important that your Fill-Ins are connected or crossed over on the back of your head.




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