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It's no secret that we're product junkies over here, and always on the hunt for the newest and greatest.. especially ones that won't break the bank. Haircare is one of those super important steps that makes the biggest difference. & it makes caring for your hair that much easier with affordable options that you can reach for. Today we rounded up drugstore hair products that will not only treat you right, but the wallet. You can find 15 of our top picks in this roundup of haircare products we love, with none exceeding $15 of course. From styling & detangling products, to hair oils & accessories.. We will have what you need to maintain the hair of your dreams. There will be something for everyone here. Curly, coily, straight hair, we have you covered! 

1. Scalp Scrubber

Pacifica Scalp Scrubber, $9

Exfoliate and stimulate your scalp with the Pacifica scalp scrubber brush. Good for removing excess product buildup & oil, as well as stimulate hair follicles. A great addition for those with thinning hair as well!

2. OGX hair oil

OGX Hair Oil, $7.89

Damaged hair that you feel needs some reviving, the OGX Hair Oil will really nourish hair. Give hair a shine boost after styling & apply a hair oil on your ends. Keep away from your roots if you are already on the oily side, ends only!

3. Loreal Root Spray 

Loreal Root Spray, $9.99

If your grays start popping up more & more, or you notice your extension wefts peeking through... Loreal Root Spray. Here's how we like to use a root spray: Before clipping in your BFB Extensions, lay wefts flat on the ground & lightly spray on a root at the top (where the clips are). Loreal makes a ton of different root spray shades as well. For a more in depth tutorial on how we root spray, click here. 

4. Eva NYC dry shampoo

Eva NYC Dry Shampoo, $12.99

If you are on the hunt for a good dry shampoo, the Eva NYV Dry Shampoo has been a favorite for years now. 1 because it's affordable, & 2 it genuinely works!! Unlike other dry shampoos, it sprays out clear instead of white. No more white residue covering your roots. Clean & fresh hair only!

5. Shimmer lights 

Shimmer Lights, $10.99

If you have blonde color-treated hair, you need a purple shampoo. Shimmer Lights will help remove the unwanted brassy tones & maintain your gorgeous color! 

6. Mini hair clips

Mini Jaw Clips, $6.49

Our favorite hair accessory to add in are mini jaw clips. Pull back your front pieces of hair and secure with your mini clips. 

7. Honest company detangler

The Honest Company Detangler, $6.99

The best clean hair detangler for both you and your kids! The Honest Company is such an amazing clean beauty company. From skincare, to makeup, to haircare, they have it all. After getting out of the shower or pool, spritz your hair with this! Helps to detangle knots before brushing through those locks.  

8. Wet brush

Wet Brush, $8.99

We have all the info on Hair Brushing 101. But briefly, you really should be extra careful when it comes to brushing. That is the number one way you will get breakage and damage. If you aren't a comb type of person, at least use a wet brush. 

9. Bed head smoothing cream

Bed Head Smoothing Cream, $9.99

From frizz taming to heat protectant, Bed Head is an overall great haircare brand. Specifically, the After Party Cream. Before styling hair with hot tools, squirt a little after party cream in your hair. 1 it smells good, and 2 it truly smooths & adds shine, without grease or oil! 

10. OGX heat protectant spray

OGX Heat Protectant Spray, $7.89

This one is pretty self explanatory.. But if you don't use a heat protectant before hot tools already, please please please do. Hot tools will end up damaging your hair, & a heat protectant helps avoid that! The OGX Silky Blowout Spray not only heat protects but keeps locks looking silky smooth.

11. Not your mothers curl talk

Not Your Mothers Curl Talk, $8.99

The Not Your Mothers Curl Talk Defining Cream is one of those products that is perfect for both curly & coily hair types. It's equal parts hydrating & defining, the best of both worlds. 

12. Velvet hair ribbon

Kristin Ess Velvet Hair Ribbon, $13.99

Have you heard? Hair ribbons are back baby. If you don't have any sort of hair bow or ribbon for the holiday time, you need to. Like seriously. Spruce up your outfit with a velvet hair ribbon from Kristin Ess. 

13. Eva NYC hair mask

Eva NYC Hair Mask, $14.49

If you have damaged hair that you feel needs some serious reviving, the Eva NYC Hair Mask is one of those powerful nourishing products. Deeply hydrate locks by applying your mask once a week & leave on for 10 minutes, or longer.

14. Smoothing + teasing brush

Conair Smoothing Brush, $5.39

Yes, this is called a 'teasing' brush, but we like to use it for both smoothing AND teasing. Start by teasing your roots before clipping in your BFB extensions, gives clips a bit more to grip on to! Finish off by smoothing down frizz & stray hairs. 

15. Microfiber Hair Towel

Aquis Microfiber Hair Turban, $14

If you don't have a microfiber hair towel in your bathroom already, you need to. It's just better for maintaining shiny locks, plus cuts down on drying time. Keep locks Shiny & Healthy!

xx BFB Hair Team

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