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Holiday Hair Inspiration (With BFB Hair)

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Holiday Hair Inspiration (With BFB Hair)

You guys, it's time to elevate the hairstyle game this holiday season!! Fall & winter are the BEST seasons when it comes to fashion, and yes that includes hairstyles. All the sparkles, fun headbands, slicked pony's, we love it all... Because hair really can make or break your whole look. Here's how you can use BFB Hair for the Holidays:

Hairstyle #1: 


First up, all up with a twist! Amber inserted her BFB UP for some extra ponytail volume. The perfect holiday hairstyle, and incredibly easy! Start by inserting your UP upside down (for inserting videos, click here) & pull hair into a high pony! Create 2 hair section, and start twisting them around one another, secure with a clear hair elastic. You can finish off by wrapping a piece of hair around your hair elastic. This gives your ponytail a more elevated & put together look. 

Hairstyle #2:

A low bun is always always a classic year round, but especially for the holidays. Sleek & clean girl vibes please! But this time let's make our buns thick and voluminous. For this specific hairstyle Sam inserted her BFB UP before wrapping her hair into a twisted bun! She then lightly curled the pieces around your face, elevates things a bit.

Hairstyle #3:

It is the holidays, so you know what that means.. All the sparkles! A super easy way to spice up your hairstyle these next few months is with a sparkly hair accessory. Clip in your Fill-Ins, so hair looks a little more full, and pull back hair with your favorite hair clip or barrette. Your Fill-Ins will be your bestie this winter, the easy and comfortability is unmatched.

Hairstyle #4:

A 21" Classic Set will be your go-to holiday hair addition to either add extra length to those locks, or extra volume if you already have long hair. Add a couple baby braids throughout your hair, specifically around your face. Boom, immediately pulls your look together. And no heat is a plus always!

Shade shown is Melt Down 21" Classic Set.

Hairstyle #5:

Nothin better than a bubble pony, at least we don't think so... Use a BFB UP for extra ponytail volume! Product shown is the BFB UP.

Hairstyle #6:

Fill-Ins crimped to perfection! Bring out your beachy wave crimper because it's perfect for the holiday's. 

Hairstyle #7:

Braids for daysssssss. Shade shown is Blackberry 24" Classic Set. Nothing better than a thicker or longer braid. Read our blog post on how we make our braids thicker & longer here! 

Hairstyle #8:

Classic Hollywood curls. An oldie, but a goodie! Grab a set of our Fill-Ins for extra volume in those curls! Shade shown: 14" 50 Gram Fill-Ins in shade Sun-Kissed.

xx BFB Hair Team

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