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How To Use Our Extensions For Longer Pigtail Braids

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How To Use Our Extensions For Longer Pigtail Braids

We have a major hair hack for you guys today.. As time goes on our hair seems to be getting thinner then we'd like. Or maybe it hasn't, and you just desperately miss your long braids, we get you! And we have a super easy solution for ANYONE!

If your hair has always been on the thinner side you are probably used to your braids feeling extra thin. Or hair is too short & straggly to even pigtail braid. It can be an annoying feeling & sometimes we just want our long thick hair back. Thicker, more voluminous, braids are always the vibe here at BFB. Thicker Face Framing Braids are a go-to around here as well. 

Today we will be explaining how we make our braids thicker or longer for ALL hair lengths..

For longer pigtails:

Our favorite hack for longer, thicker looking braids, is with a Classic Set. We have a 21" or 24" Classic Set depending on how long you want your hair to look! Not only can you wear your hair down with a Classic Set, it's also the perfect solution for your pigtails or ponytail hairstyles. Included in a Classic Set is 10 wefts, so you get all the volume and length you will need! Need extra inserting tips? We have Helpful How-To videos to watch!

Notice your wefts peeking through? Learn how we properly root spray our extensions, here

For thicker braids:

If you already have a set of our Fill-Ins, you know how easy & timeless inserting is.. I mean they are just the best! Not only can you use our Fill-Ins to make hair thicker when it's down, but also for thicker braids. Clip in your set of Fill-Ins, like you normally would, and start your braid down. Instant volume in seconds! Included in a Fill-In set is 2 wefts, both are 3 clip wefts, you will get your overall volume with that. If you feel like you need more volume, you might want to opt for a Classic Set and get it trimmed a bit.

xx BFB Hair Team

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