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Hairstyle: Braided Bun

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Hairstyle: Braided Bun
You want to hear a secret about this hairstyle? It looks super complicated, but it totally isn't. It is super easy, cross our hearts. <3
Don't believe us? Take a look at the pics and steps on how to get this gorgeous braided bun, and you will change your mind. 
1. Insert your Up. Right in line with your ears is the perfect place.
2. Make a low pony. Don't pull the hair on your head too tight. You want some volume there. 
3. Three strand braid.
4. Pull apart your braid for some more volume. 
5. Twist the braid into a bun and pin. 
Done! You believe us now, right? If you are in a rush in the morning and need a quick and easy hairstyle go for this. Or if you have a more formal event this can also be a great go-to. 

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