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Hairstyle: Mega 3 Braid

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Hairstyle: Mega 3 Braid

How did we make the braid this big? Read on for the tutorial on this mega braid!

1. Insert your Up in line with your ears. 

2. Take the top section of your hair and start a three strand braid. Only cross over 2-3 times then secure with an elastic. 

3. Pull the braid apart so it is loose.

4. Section all of your hair into three sections. Each of those is going to be its own braid. Braid all of the sections and secure with elastics. 

It will look like this when it is all braided. 

5. Pull apart all of the braids to get more volume from each braid. 

6. Here is the fun part! Braid together all 3 of the braids. 

7. Go through one more time and pull sections out to get more volume. 

Your mega braid is complete!




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