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5 Things You Didn't Know About Clip-In Extensions | BFB Hair

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5 Things You Didn't Know About Clip-In Extensions | BFB Hair
1. Stop washing!!!

If you are washing your extensions more than once a month or between each hairstyle, that is a major no no. And no, we don't mean to never wash your extensions, but at least stop doing it so frequently. Washing too often will cause anyones hair to dry out & become extra frizzy, your extensions are no different. Since all of our extensions are made from 100% real human remy hair, we recommend washing every 30+ days, and really take advantage of that plus! The longer you can go in between washes, the better. We want to keep our extensions looking silky & shiny for as long as possible. Of course if you notice product buildup or things are just feeling extra dirty, you can give them a good wash, but don't feel like you need to on a consistent basis! PSA... We use ours for months on end before giving them a wash, just sayin'. Try the same!

Hair washing tutorial here.


2. Customize them

Everyones hair is different, clearly. We all have a different hair stylist & a unique haircut. If you find your extensions aren't blending how you would like with your natural hair, you can always customize them! The best part about our extensions is that they are 100% real human remy hair, so feel free to have your stylist cut & customize them to your head.

3. Fill-Ins for a thicker pony or braid

Use your Fill-Ins to create a thicker, more voluminous pony or braid! If your hair is on the shorter side or if you are super low maintenance when it comes to styling, you may need to check out our Fill-Ins. Not only will they add a natural amount of volume (no length) to your hair when it's down, but they're perfect for your favorite up-do hairstyle. Ponytail, braids, buns... It can do it all, easily! Watch our video below to see how we use the fill-ins for a ponytail. 


4. Can you dye?

We can pretty much guarantee that we will be able to help you find your perfect match. Our team is here to help color match you! But if for some reason we don't have a shade to match you, yes you can take your extensions to a trusted hair stylist that feels comfortable coloring on them. We always say just make sure to color the tester weft before the whole set! 

Let us help color match you! Book a 15-minute zoom appt here, or an in-person appt here. Feel free to DM us as well, we are always here to help!

5. Extension life depends on how well you take care

Treat your extensions the same way you treat your hair, if not better. Read our top tips below:

- Always use a heat protectant before styling with hot tools

- Set hot tools to 350 or lower

- Keep washing to a minimum (every 30+ days or longer)

- Grab a hanger for easier storage, styling & washing

- Incorporate in a hair oil, hair mask & detangler  

For more tips, read our blog post on Keeping Extensions Silky.

BFB Hanger, $12

*Bonus tip: Extension clips are replaceable*

Sometimes clips can become loose after some time or wear. If you need a replacement clip or a sewing kit we are happy to help! Email our customer service team at for help!


BFB Hair Team

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