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Don't Make These 7 Hair Washing Mistakes

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Don't Make These 7 Hair Washing Mistakes

Washing our hair- It's something that most of us don't really think twice about.. But when hair starts looking dull, limp, or dry, you may want to start thinking about how you wash your hair. When hair becomes or feels dirty, we immediately think to go hop in the shower and give it a good wash. But what if you washing is actually causing even more damage? Today we are going over our top 7 hair washing mistakes, and why you really should stop them, like ASAP!

Mistake #1: Not detangling BEFORE showering

Hair is most likely to break and become damaged when it is wet, which is why it is that much more important to brush out those tangles before you get in the shower. Don't stick to thinking your conditioner will do all the work. This is also an important step if you use our extensions... Before washing your BFB Hair, brush out any excess tangles with a comb.

Mistake #2: Skipping the scalp

Your scalp need some major TLC, don't skip it! When you are shampooing, focus on scrubbing out any excess product buildup on your scalp. Incorporate a scalp scrubber in your routine for extra TLC! Read more below, because Scalp Health Is Important Too.

Mistake #3: Washing hair with hot water

Hot water can actually end up damaging locks & weakening your roots. No, we're not saying you have to take cold showers... But maybe try sealing off your cuticles with cold water. Before hopping out, run cold water through your hair. Also reduces the risk of hair fall!  

Mistake #4: Excess Tangles

Use a wide tooth comb while you are in the shower. You'll thank us later. If you are someone who constantly struggled with tangles in your hair, and you find yourself ripping through hair to get a clean brush. Stop it! Brush through locks with conditioner, no more tangles!

Mistake #5: Switching around products

Hair needs time to acclimate to any new products. Which is why it is not the best idea to continuously switch around your products. Stick to what you know your hair likes and needs. Do your research and find a hair line that will work best for you and your hair.

Mistake #6: Not rinsing fully

If you don't rinse out all of your shampoo & conditioner, hair can end up feeling limp and dirty. Always thoroughly rinse hair with luke-warm (or cold) to seal the cuticle protect color!

*Bonus tip: Stop washing so often... We've heard it a million times before, but you really shouldn't be washing hair on a daily basis. Figure out your favorite heatless hairstyles to make your wash last. Is Double Shampooing The Secret To Healthy Hair?

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