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The BFB Guide To Braided Hairstyles (8 Hairstyles)

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The BFB Guide To Braided Hairstyles (8 Hairstyles)

If you've been following us, or Amber, for a bit now, you may remember the braid era. Truly an amazing time. One that we can't and just won't forget about. Oh, and it's back. BFB was started because of braids and all of the different braided hairstyles that can be achieved with the help of extensions. And clip-in is always the way to go.. Thicker braids, longer braids, fishtails, pigtails, bubble braids, french braids, the list could go on and on with this one. The amount of hairstyles that are achievable with a set of BFB Extensions, is insane. Today we want to show you some of our favorite braided hairstyles over the years, of course using your fav BFB extensions. 

Product Shown: 24" Classic Set

Hairstyle #1:

An easy hairstyle to pair with your favorite hat this fall season. Clip in your 21" Classic Set, gives hair extra length & volume, and start your pigtail braids down! Secure with a clear hair elastic & your favorite baseball cap. Thicker and longer looking pigtails, I mean what could be better? 

Shade Shown: Chestnut

Hairstyle #2:

Thick braids for daysssss. That's what we're about. Product shown is the 21" Classic Set to make Amber's braid look so voluminous!

Shade Shown: Barefoot Blonde

Hairstyle #3:

Amber has the BFB UP inserted halfway, and then pulled back into a ponytail. The UP gave you even more hair and volume for your pony, so feel free to add in a statement braid to your pony as well. Oh the joys of having a BFB UP... More hair to play with!

Hairstyle #4:

Nothing worse than a stringy thin fishtail braid... Clip in your 21" Classic Set & start fishtailing your way down! You could also use the BFB UP for something like this. 

Hairstyle #5:

Did you know that you could use our Fill-Ins for face framing baby braids? Make your front baby braids thicker using the BFB Fill-Ins. Learn more about how here. Product shown is the 18" Fill-Ins

Shade Shown: Sandy Blonde 

Hairstyle #6:

Shade Shown: Sweet Cola

Hairstyle #7:

Yes, the BFB UP can even be used for high pony's or top-knots. Simply flip your UP upside down, and clip in. For a more in depth tutorial on the BFB UP, or videos, click here

Shade Shown: Butterscotch 

Hairstyle #8:

If you aren't a pro at french braiding, no worries, a classic pony will do. Start by clipping in your BFB UP to make things a bit fuller. Pull hair back into a low pony & tie a hair scarf around your elastic. Makes things 10x cuter. 

Shade Shown: Barefoot Blonde

xx BFB Hair Team

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