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Hair Extensions 101

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Hair Extensions 101

If you are new to extensions, we know it can be a little overwhelming at first. To help you out, we compiled a list of all the need to know lingo. Check it out below so you can become an expert on all things hair extensions! 

Hair Extension Specific

Weft: The collection of hair sewn onto a strip of fabric. Example: BFB’s 21” Classic Set includes 10 wefts to create added length and volume. The wefts are inserted individually at different part lines around the head. 

Seamless: Seamless extensions use a silicone backing so that they lay flat against the head. All of BFB’s extensions are seamless which allow them to blend well at the root and make them comfortable for all day wear. 

Remy: Remy Hair is hair that aligns the cuticles all in one direction on the weft. BFB hair uses only the highest quality 100% human remy hair. 

Clip-in Extensions: Non-permanent extensions that are easily inserted by clips. Clip-ins are a damage free option that can be taken in and out as you desire. BFB Hair’s collection includes all clip-in extensions. 

Tape-in Extensions: Tape-in extensions use an adhesive to adhere to your hair at the root. They are frequently compared to Clip-ins extensions as they are both non-permanent options, although they do require an expert to assist in inserting.  

Semi-permanent Extensions: Semi-permanent extensions include options like beaded, sew-ins, fusion and more. Semi-permanent extensions require the assistance of an expert stylist to insert. In order to maintain, they need to be moved up every 6-8 weeks. 

U-Tip Pressure Clips: U-Tip Pressure Clips are secured to the top of Clip-in wefts for easy inserting. The U-tip Clip has several prongs for the hair to grab onto and can be easily secured by being snapped closed. 

Color Match

Ombré/Balayage: Ombré or balayage refers to the shades which gradually fade from dark to light.  The gradual change from one color to the next can be helpful for those who have grow out or simply prefer a darker root. 

Rooted:  Rooted refers to the color of your hair that is embedded at the follicle. BFB’s "rootier" shades are included in the Ombré collection. 

Cool Toned: Cool tones include blues and greens. This term is often used to differentiate between subtleties in varying shades, more specifically the undertone of the shade. Example: Ice Breaker is a cooler blonde included in BFB’s collection of blonde shades.  

Warm Toned: Warm tones range from peach to yellow and golden. This term is often used to differentiate between subtleties in varying shades, more specifically the undertone of the shade. Example: Barefoot Blonde is a warmer blonde included in BFB’s collection of blondes. 

Toner: A product used to help correct or personalize your hair color. Various toners help to achieve differing looks. 

Ashy: A pearl or pale gray color. Ashy hair is often achieved through the use of toner and maintained by using purple shampoo. Example: Beige Blonde is the ashiest shade in BFB’s collection. 

Pianoed: Pianoing is when a 2 toned shade mimics the look of a piano to create the higlights and lowlight of a shade. Pianoing is most evident at the top of the weft. Example: Sandy Blonde is a 2 toned shade which is pianoed at the top. 

Dimension: Dimension refers to the range of tones within your hair. BFB’s most dimensional shades are the 2 tone shades which are often pianoed. 

BFB Specific

Color Match Kit: The BFB Color Match Kit allows you to pick 5 tester wefts to try on at home. This allows you to find your perfect match and place your order with confidence in your shade selection. 

BFB Classic Set: The BFB Classic Set is made to add volume and length. The 21” Classic Set is complete with 10 wefts and 160 grams of hair. The 24” Classic Set consists of 7 wefts and 260 grams of hair.

BFB Fill-Ins: The fill-ins are specially designed to add volume to your natural length of hair. Complete with 2 wefts, the fill-ins are inserted one on each side of your head and come in 14” and 18”. 

BFB Up: A specially designed and patent pending BFB product used for updos. The Up is meant to add volume to your ponytails and braids with the simple addition of only one weft and 60 grams of hair. 


With the help of these terms you are ready to take on the extension world! Understanding the lingo will help you to be confident in your color match and ultimately enhance your extension wearing experience. We hope you found this helpful. If you have any questions regarding your extensions feel free to contact us here. Our team is always happy to help! 


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