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How to: Purple Shampoo Bath

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How to: Purple Shampoo Bath

As toning extensions can vary from toning your natural hair, we thought we’d experiment the best way to apply your toner! We did some research and ordered both a purple and green shampoo. Purple helps remove the golden in blondes. Whereas, green helps eliminate redness for brunettes. Extensions are already color treated so they absorb the toner readily. It is best to dilute the solution in water instead of applying it directly to your extensions. Follow the steps below to learn how to perfectly tone your BFB Hair in a shampoo bath:

1. Pick up your favorite purple shampoo! We used Amika’s Bust Your Brass Purple Shampoo. 

2. Fill your sink with warm water. Add a few drops of purple shampoo into the water. It’s best to start with less and add more as needed! 

3. Grab your BFB tester and swirl it through the purple shampoo bath. For a more toned look leave it in the bath longer. 

4. Rinse the tester and let it dry. Experimenting on the tester first will help you know whether or not you need to add or further dilute the purple shampoo. In addition, it will help you gauge how long you should keep the extensions in the bath to achieve your desired look. 

5. Once you have found the perfect ratio of purple shampoo to water you are ready to tone your set! We suggest washing 1 weft at a time. Hold onto both ends of the extensions and focus on submerging the middle of the extensions. The ends of the extensions grab onto toner the easiest. Therefore, it’s best to submerge them last and for the shortest amount of time to ensure an even tone throughout. 

6. Rinse and deep condition. Toner is drying so it’s helpful to add extra nourishment back into the extensions after washing. 

7. Lay the extensions flat to dry. Once dry, style them to your liking and wear your perfectly toned BFB Hair with confidence! 

Purple shampoo is helpful in eliminating brassiness and getting back to that cooler toned hair you have after leaving the salon. However, brunettes need their moment too! Green shampoo is a great option for brunettes to help neutralize any red tones. We tested out Matrix’s Dark Envy Green Shampoo using the same method as the purple shampoo. The results were more subtle than the purple shampoo but did provide a solution for unwanted red undertones. Blonde or brunette there are lots of options on the market to keep your hair looking perfectly toned in between trips to the salon! 


*Please use caution when altering the color of your extensions. BFB is not responsible for any adjustments made to your extensions.* 

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