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Put it to the Test: Dry Shampoo

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Put it to the Test: Dry Shampoo

A good dry shampoo is essential! Batiste is a tried and true office favorite around here. However, we wanted to see if any others on the market compare. We got to work testing out some of the most popular and ranked their price, effectiveness, smell and application. Read on to see if Batiste held onto the coveted #1 spot or got beat out by another: 

Pureology: Pureology runs at $28 per bottle. It helped decrease the oil slightly but some shine still peaked through after application. The smell was our least favorite part of this one. It is an intense sweet smell that was a bit too overpowering for our liking. We did however appreciate the aerosol application and the fact that it left no residue. We gave this one 11.5/20 points which was our lowest score overall. 

Amika: Amika costs $25 a bottle. Initially we found it left a residue. However, after using it for a week we noticed it did extend the life of our hair allowing us to go more days between washes. The scent is nice but very subtle. We would have liked it to be a bit more fragrant. On the other hand, the aerosol application was almost too strong. We had to hold it away from our head to ensure the spray wasn’t too concentrated. This one wasn’t a stand out but it still earned 12.7/20 points. 

Bumble & Bumble: Bumble and Bumble is similar in price to Amika at $28 per bottle. We liked the initial effect. However, after 1-2 hours it seemed more oily than before. It did a good job at adding volume but overall wasn’t effective in removing the grease. It smells light and earthy. We loved the scent! The application was different than the others. We liked how you could control where the product goes. However, the powder was white and took some effort to blend into our hair. Overall, this one received a 13/20 points. 

OGX: This affordable drug store option costs only $6.99 a bottle. It did a good job at covering the oiliness but left a definite residue. The smell was strong yet refreshing. The aerosol application made it easy but we would recommend spraying a few inches away from your head to ensure you don’t get too heavy of a spray. This one will do if you’re in need but there was room for improvement. For these reasons, we gave OGX 14.7/20. 

Hair Food: This one costs $9 and as far as effectiveness goes you get what you pay for. We felt like it did a good job at first but unfortunately it didn’t hold up throughout the day. If you like coconut then you’ll love the scent of Hair Food. It smells like a summer vacation to the tropics! The application was great and didn’t require too much styling to hide the product. Hair Food earned scored 14.7/20 putting it right alongside OGX in the middle of the pack. 

Living Proof: We were excited to see if Living Proof would live up to the hype. The price was comparable to other name brands on the market at $26. The aerosol application and formula helped to minimize moisture and remove oils. However, it was hard to blend the powder and left behind a gritty film. We loved the smell as it was Living Proof’s signature clean smelling scent. Overall it was better than the last which earned it the score of 16.5/20 points. 

Ouai: This one is mid-range for price at $24. It noticeably made a difference upon application. However, as the day went on there was a need for reapplication. We gave it 5 stars for it’s subtle and refreshing smell. It sprays white yet blended easily with all hair colors. This one is a top contender with 17.5/20 points. 

Batiste: Batiste is the most affordable option at only $6.49 a can. It did the best job at absorbing oil in unwashed hair and created minimal product build up. It has a mellow smell that was the perfect refresh for day old hair. For application it required a little blending into the hair. However, the formula was finer and less grittier than most so it was pretty easy to apply. Although there were some close contenders, Batiste still came out on top with 18.5/20 points. 


Looks like we will be stocking up on Batiste! It held up strong against drug store and name brand competitors. You really can’t beat the price and it did the best job at hiding oils and refreshing our hair. Let us know what product you think we should put to the test next! 




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