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How to Customize Your BFB Hair

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How to Customize Your BFB Hair

BFB’s collection of extensions offers a wide array of shades with varying lengths and volume. However, there may be times when your BFB Hair needs to be tailor-made to blend even better!  Checkout our tips below so you can know exactly what to ask your stylist for when customizing your BFB Hair: 


Tip 1: If your fill-ins are too long, ask your stylist to insert them and then point cut the ends to match your natural length. This will create the most natural, perfect blend!

Tip 2: If your hair has layers you may want to consider adding some to your BFB Hair too. Ask your stylist to feather through the front of your extensions and add light layers throughout your Classic Set. This will give you confidence that your BFB Hair blends right into your natural hair! 

Tip 3: If you’re looking for added dimension, ask your stylist to incorporate a lowlight into your extensions. This will create the ideal color match! 

Tip 4: Wanting to go brighter for the summer? Ask a trusted stylist to tone your extensions. This fun customization lets you hand pick your perfect shade of blonde! 

Tip 5: If you typically go a while between color appointments and/or prefer a more rooted look, consider asking your stylist to root shade the top of your extensions. This will prevent the wefts from peaking through and create a more seamless blend from the root to the ends. 


With a few simple customizations, your BFB Hair can be made just for you. We recommend finding a trusted stylist with hair extension experience. Make sure to have your stylist experiment on the tester weft prior to altering your full set. This will allow your stylist to perfect their method and ensure you receive the desired outcome. 


*Please use caution when altering your extensions. BFB Hair is not responsible for any adjustments made to your extensions.*  




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