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Kid-Friendly Hairstyles

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Kid-Friendly Hairstyles

When it comes to styling your little’s hair we know how important it is to make it quick and easy. We compiled a few of our favorite kid-friendly hair-dos for the summer. They can be achieved despite the wiggles and are proven to endure playtime. Check them out below: 

1. Hair accessories are a kid’s best friend. The simple addition of a bandana will keep your kiddos hair out of the way so they are free to play. Not to mention, they are the cutest addition to an everyday outfit! 

2. Butterfly clips have made a comeback and we are all for it. Section your littles hair into four parts. Twist each section back and secure it with a butterfly clip. This adorable do is perfect for the playground. 


3. A side braid will keep your mini-me cool in the summer heat. For some added glam throw in a few colorful clips throughout the braid. 


4. When brushing out the tangles is all you have time for let your little chose their favorite headband! This simple do never goes out of style and is perfect for a busy day. 


With busy schedules and hectic morning routines simple hair-dos are sometimes all there is time for. However, simple is just as cute with the help from a few fun accessories. Let us know your best mom hacks when it comes to styling your babes hair! 



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