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10 Heatless Hairstyles for Summer

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10 Heatless Hairstyles for Summer

With summer on the horizon, we figured it’s time to round up some our favorite no-heat hairstyles. The endless pool days and dreaded heat have us packing up our hot tools for a couple months. Give us all the braids, buns and cute hair accessories that make getting ready a breeze!


1. Dutch Braids: Dutch braids are a tried and true favorite around here. They will keep you cool on a hot summer day and are flirty and fun too! Major bonus: if you braid your hair when damp, dutch braids will give you the most beautiful beach waves. Basically, you get 2 for 1 with this do! 

2. Space Buns: Throw half your hair up into buns for an effortless yet trendy do. Space buns are a fun way to spice up your look and let your personality shine through your hair. 

3. Sun Hat: A good hat is a game changer. Let your hair do it’s natural thing and pop on your favorite sun hat. 

4. Ponytail Braid: A ponytail braid is always a good idea. Braid in a scarf for a little extra fun. 

5. Messy Bun: Where would we be without a good messy bun? This look has saved the day more than we would like to admit. You really can’t go wrong with throwing it all up in a top knot.


6. Front Braid: Add a few small braids around the frame of your face. This simple hairstyle levels up your look and adds some character when wearing your hair down.

7. Sunglasses: Who says sunglasses can’t double as a hair accessory? Push your sunnies up and use them like a headband. This classic gal on the go look will keep you prepared for that bright summer sun and keep your hair out of the way! 


8. Bubble Braids: Bubble braids give us all the summer fun vibes. It’s the easiest look with the cutest end result! 

9. Twisted Pigtails: These easy twisted pigtails are the perfect look to rock at the pool. Don’t underestimate the confidence boost a fun new hairstyle can give you! 

10. Classic Pony: Last but certainly not least is the classic pony! Don’t overthink it. A sassy pony is a staple in the summer. 

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