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How To Use A Hair Oil With An Oily Scalp

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How To Use A Hair Oil With An Oily Scalp

There is no set rule that you absolutely have to avoid a hair oil if you have an already oily scalp. In fact, incorporating the right type of hair oil into our routine, could end up doing the opposite and keep scalp healthy & oil at bay... First things first, if you have an already greasy scalp, avoid hair oils that have words such as "shiny" or "glossy". We all think we want our hair oil to add back in a shiny or gloss, but it really could just be coating your hair in silicone. 

As we previously talked about in our blog, Scalp Health Is Important Too, maintaining a healthy scalp will result in healthier looking locks. If you have too much excess oil or too much product buildup, you'll be able to tell. The reason why your hair might look greasy fast is because your scalp produces much more natural sebum than normal. But here's the best part... There are many oils on the market that will leave your scalp looking healthier AND producing less natural sebum. 

How to use hair oil on a greasy scalp:

If you wash your hair on the daily or dry shampoo is your life.. Adding in a hair oil might seem counterintuitive and you seem to stray far far away from them. But heres the thing, it can actually be super beneficial in curbing the grease. When you use oil on your scalp, it can help absorb the sebum, which is what is causing that greasy look and feel. We recommend doing this before bed: Put a few drops of oil into the palm of your hands and gently massage into your scalp. Use the excess for the ends of those locks. Wrap up with a microfiber hair towel, or whatever you feel comfortable in! 

*BFB Tip: Before wetting hair in the shower, apply your shampoo first. This helps remove all the oil & not leave any sort of residue.*

Nourish those dry ends

Chances are, if you have an oily scalp your ends don't totally match that. If only having a greasy scalp meant extra moisturized & glossy looking ends. But most of the time it's the opposite. Dry, brittle, damaged ends are a no-go around here. Shiny, Sleek, Hair only. In addition to making hair look shiny and sleek, your oil will also seal the cuticle leading to less frizz. Much prettier & easy to manage! 

After styling your hair put 2-3 drops of oil into your hands and rub together. Apply the oil throughout the bottom half of your hair, avoid your roots if you get oily fast! 

Don't skip your extensions!

The best way to keep your extensions looking brand new & like real hair, is by taking care of them. After washing your extensions feel free to add a couple drops of your favorite oil onto them. Or when you notice things looking frizzy & dry!

For more tips on how to properly wash your BFB extensions, click here

*BFB Tip: You don't need to re-wash extensions after every style! The longer you go without washing, the nicer they will stay. We recommend washing every 30+ wears or when you notice excess. product buildup.*

xx BFB Hair Team

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