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How To Fight Flat Hair

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How To Fight Flat Hair

For many people, it can be a big strain to achieve extra hair volume, no matter what time of year it is. But it's important to keep in mind that flat hair doesn't always mean fine hair. This is for absolutely anyone fighting the flat hair battle. We all want thick, voluminous, locks, right? And no need to spray product after product for volume help, because you might actually be doing the opposite.. Keep reading for our top 5 tips for extra volume! 

Let's fight flat hair!

First things first: stop over-washing

When your hair is looking all flat & has no body, we tend to hop in the shower and hope for the best. Stop it! If you have already flat hair, stop over-washing. Wanna know what a huge deal breaker is for hair that has volume? Washing your hair daily. Try switching up your hair wash routine, you might thank us later.. Read our blog post on Hair Routine Tips for extra tips!

Conditioner before shampoo

Although conditioner is there to nourish the strands, it can be the thing weighing it down. Try using your conditioner before your shampoo. You still will get that nourishment from the conditioner at first, but it won't weigh your hair down since your shampooing after. It's worth a try!

Stop with the excessive products! Less is more....

When you hair is already looking flat & all blah, you might tend to lather up the creams and sprays. A little bit of this... A little bit of that.. But what you really could be doing is the opposite of what you want to achieve. Product buildup can cause flat hair! That's just that. Keep your routine simple, or stick to clean products that you know your hair likes. 

You can add in a texturizing spray

I know, we just said ditch all the products, but a texturizing spray, you might want to add in! We love the Kristin Ess texturizing spray as it's super lightweight and it's affordable. You won't notice any crunchy strands or a dirty hair feeling like some others. 

Fill-Ins will be your best friend

If you want more volume you need a set of fill-ins. The BFB fill-ins offer instant volume in seconds. The inserting process is easy & natural so that you can run out the door feeling confident in your hair! Our fill-ins will be your best friend. No doubt. 

For extra length & volume, read our blog on how to achieve a Bomb BFB Blowout!

You are what you eat

You know that saying, "you are what you eat". Lack of nutrients = less voluminous hair. Along with a bunch of other things... Like dryness, frizzy, and broken hair. That's basically it! Put good food in your body & you will see the benefits in your hair. 

xx BFB Hair Team

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