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8 Step Guide: Inserting the 24” Classic Set

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8 Step Guide: Inserting the 24” Classic Set

With summer just around the corner, the mermaid hair is calling! The 24 inch set is our longest and most voluminous set. With 7 wefts and 260 grams of hair it will give you the hair of your dreams. Follow along below for a step by step tutorial of inserting the beloved 24” Classic Set: 


Step 1: Part your hair at the base of your neck and secure the 3 clip.

Step 2: Make a second part just above where you inserted the last weft and secure the next 3 clip. 

Step 4: Part slightly above the last and insert the smaller 4 clip.

Step 5: This part should end right at the top of your ear. Insert your last 4 clip here.

Step 6: Trace you finger from your temple making a part line and insert the 2 clip. 

Step 6: Follow that same part line to the back and insert the next 2 clip.

Step 7: Continue that same part line all the way around your head and insert the last 2 clip. 


Step 8: That’s it! Now you can rock your BFB Hair like the confident babe you are! 

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