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Lazy Persons Guide To Good Hair (Fill-Ins On The Go)

Posted by Amberly Crast ·

Lazy Persons Guide To Good Hair (Fill-Ins On The Go)

For all of our low-key girls. Those of us who can't even fathom putting in more than 5 minutes of time into doing our hair. We get it. Which is why we made the Fill-Ins! The Fill-Ins are the perfect option for natural, yet luscious hair. Inserting takes seconds, you could even do it in your car, and the results will be thicker, more voluminous locks. Included in your Fill-In set will be two wefts that starts clipping in at the side of your head & ends towards the back. It's simple and the results are incredible. Keep scrolling to learn all about the Fill-Ins, from what you can expect, to color matching on your own, we get into it all!

14" Fill-Ins 35 Gram:

Anyone with hair that hits about your mid chest or shorter, you'll want 14" Fill-Ins. The difference between the 14" 35 Gram and 14" 50 Gram Fill-Ins is one is a bit more hair/volume! If you have already thinning hair or maybe you are worried about camouflaging your extensions, we recommend trying out the 35 gram first! 

*All of our hair is 100% customizable! If your natural hair is shorter than the Fill-Ins, you can always get them trimmed up a bit.*

14" Fill-Ins 50 Gram:

For those of us with hair that hits mid chest or shorter, and maybe you want the most amount of volume possible, 50 Gram will be your go-to! 

*We almost always reach for 14" 50 G instead of 35 G, just gives you a bit more hair & thickness!!*

18" Fill-Ins:


For our long haired girlies who need extra volume!! The 18" Fill-Ins are the perfect option for those of us with long locks already, plus inserting takes seconds! Anyone with hair longer than your ribcage, you'll want to look at the 21" Classic Set.

How do I wash my extensions?

Read our blog post here, to get the 411 on washing extensions. Plus some of our top tips & easy preventatives! 




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