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How To: Insert + Style The No-Show For Ultimate Length & Volume

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How To: Insert + Style The No-Show For Ultimate Length & Volume

The ULTIMATE transformation for length and volume, the No-Show! If you are someone who is always on-the-go & but you need extra length & volume.. Or maybe you have always had short, thin hair and you're ready to change things up.. The BFB No-Show will be a game changer. Keep scrolling to learn all about the No-Show, what exactly it is, how to insert, & how to go about choosing the correct shade. Let's get into it!

What is the No-Show?

100% human Remy hair, the No-Show is your one and done solution for both length AND volume. It sits comfortably in place with an invisible elastic string. Not only is the elastic string completely rideable, but your No-Show has 5 clips along the weft for extra support and security. Our set also comes with two volumizing wefts meant to fill-in places around your face/sides.

What is the difference between the No-Show & the 21" Classic Set?

You will get the same result with both the No-Show and 21" Classic Set, length AND volume. The main difference is that the No-Show is really only one piece (+ your fillers), and the 21" Classic Set includes 10 wefts to be clipped in. 

No-Show (20 Inches):

- Gives you length AND volume

- Best for thin-medium hair thickness

- Easier to blend with already thin-medium hair

- Invisible elastic string (similar to a Halo)

- Two extra filler wefts included

Classic Set (21 Inches):

- Gives you length AND volume

- Good for all hair types & thicknesses

- Easier to blend with already thick hair

- 10 wefts included

How to insert the no-show:

Inserting the No-Show is super easy & seamless. Part your hair half-up-half-down and clip in your No-Show weft to the back of your head (5 clips). You now can pull the invisible elastic over your head, kind of like you would a headband. Once things feel comfortable & secure, you can let down the rest of your hair and begin brushing in your string. Your last step would be to clip in your two side filler pieces. Watch our video below for a more in depth tutorial!

How to style the no-show:

Once your No-Show is completely clipped & secured in place, you can now start the styling process. The best way to camouflage your No-Show string would be to simply comb it in. The more you comb/brush the string in with your hair, the more it will hide. If you feel like you still aren't loving the way your No-Show is looking, you can always take your extensions to a trusted hair stylist to get things blended in.  

Choosing the right shade:

Choosing the correct shade is key to obtaining good extensions! We recommend ordering a Color Match Kit beforehand, that way you have a better idea which shade you are. If you are in a time crunch you can always book a 15-minute zoom appointment here. In person appointments are also available here

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Shade Shown: Iced Latte



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