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Hair Masks to Combat Breakage, Dryness & Frizz

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Hair Masks to Combat Breakage, Dryness & Frizz

All of that heat styling, bleaching & spending far too much time in the sun, can all lead to damaged hair. Now you may be wondering if your hair falls into the category of "damaged" locks. Let's put it this way - If you are noticing excess frizz, flyaways, dryness, or maybe your color is fading fast, your hair could use a little TLC. Let's get into some of our favorite hair masks to combat breakage, dryness, & frizz!

For excess Breakage:

Amika Intense Bond Repair Mask, $40

Our go-to for color treated (bleached) hair! We love the Amika intense bond repair mask as it is rich in butters + oils, great for medium to thick hair. 

 K18 Hair Mask, $29

K18 has truly taken over the TikTok world, and for a good reason! If you get your hair bleached frequently, or you notice excess damage/breakage from heat styling, this is a must.

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Our go-to drugstore options:

Shea Moisture Mask, $14.49

We love a drugstore option!! The Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque is perfect for those with medium to thick hair. Rich in shea butter & argon oil for extra moisture. Not only is it affordable but your hair will thank you later. If you have finer or thiner locks, you may notice this to weigh down hair.

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Mask, $3.99

You can't blame us for putting this one on the list, I mean it's only 3 bucks! Rich in jojoba and avocado oils making it our go-to for detangling in the shower and softening strands.


Amika Bust Your Brass Hair Mask, $40

For our blondest of blonde babes! Or those of us who like a cool, ashy toned blonde. Purple shampoo can be great but it can also end up drying out hair... If you're a blonde you know exactly what we mean. A great alternative would be to get your hands on the Amika purple hair mask. A mask that doubles as a purple shampoo AND hydrates. Not only will this brighten your blonde & cancel out any unwanted brassy tones, it keeps things conditioned and hydrated. 2 for 1!

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